my rant

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my rant

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:23 pm

I am a full time student and an amateur "roll around in the dirt driveway" mechanic. I got this 93' base model blue Beretta, 3.1 and 3T40 tranny, in Dec. 2003 for $1500. It had 154K on it then, now it has 190K. Through this car I've become an OK home mechanic, but I've also learned to hate and loathe my car, for every problem I fix, 2-3 more pop up. Anyway, here's a rant to nobody in particular about the good, but mostly bad things about my car. This car has been to a mechanic only once since I've owned it, not counting tire replacements, and even then he only charged me $10 because the problem I took it in for magically evaporated when he went to fix it ( a fuel leak at the rail inlet, it doesn't leak now but i smell gas in and under the car sometimes )

-running on Mobil1 Synthetic 5W-30 for the last 3 oil changes and Mobil1 Synthetic ATF for last 2 tranny fluid/filter changes
-new Rapidfire plugs, new Delco wireset, plenum cleaned, TB cleaned, IAC cleaned, EGR cleaned, coils and injectors tested, thermostat replaced, water pump top gasket replaced, coolant flushed, TB coolant bypassed, power steering pressure hose replaced (it burst at the point where it bends 2 years ago), 94a poly treatment on motor mount and torque strut, front valve cover gasket and oil pump drive shaft o-ring oil leaks successfully fixed, rotors-pads-calipers new 1 year ago, soon to install new control arm assemblies on both sides with poly on the sway bar and a strut tower brace, fuel filter done last year, cone filter installed, full gauge cluster installed, new exhaust system 2 years ago, front Monroe "Quick-Struts" and rear KYB Gas-A-Justs with new mounts installed 2 years ago

-leaks when it rains onto the drivers side front floor, if car isn't covered with a tarp every time it rains, my feet are in 1-2" of water. car smells musty. sometimes water drips a very little bit from top centerline of windshield down from rearview mirror onto the center console/ shift lever area
-weatherstripping and glass insulation deteriorating and separating in spots on doors, windshield, windows, and trunk
-windows loose, vibrate when doors are shut
-center console armrest cover broke off, replaced with a j.y. part
-DC power/cigarette lighter inoperative
-cruise control inoperative
-two identical fist sized rust holes at the base of both door wells
-brake pedal soft and vibrates, fluid boiled a year ago, just flushed it yesterday, probably ruined the master cylinder and brake hoses, and probably still air in the lines because mity-vacs suck for brake bleeding, next time I'll get some speedbleeders, rotors and calipers new last year and still OK
-loud clunk when putting the car in reverse
-oil seems to be seeping into the area around the torque strut, valve covers don't leak
-occassional minor hesitation/bucking around 1500-1600rpm in top gear
-stripped fuel feed line where it goes into the fuel rail fitting, seems to have sealed itself but now i smell gas sometimes, but no visible leaks anywhere
-popping/rattling in muffler when I hit the gas real hard when idling and intermediate pipe bumps against frame hard when I start the car or put it in reverse, put a new exhaust system on 2 years ago
-area under rear bumper/energy absorber totally rusted out
-trunk lid doesn't swing open when lid release is pushed, will fall on your head sometimes if you're putting stuff in the trunk and you don't hold it up, especially if its windy out
-lots of nicks, scratches and rust spots, roof has loads of scratches from i don't know what
-quarter panels under doors rusted out
-passenger fender bent, passenger door minor dent
-rear center stoplight panel plastic chipped
-Beretta logo worn off
-ticking noises from both wheelwells, in corners and going straight
-replaced both tie rod ends, one year later had to replace one side again to pass inspection
-lug nuts are like putty, getting rounded and should all be replaced
-lots of valve ticking noises, slightly uneven idle, 3.1L Vin T motor has 190K+
-hood release is difficult have to go back and forth 3-4 times between hood and pulling release cable to get it to open
-hood and grille took minor damage from hitting a deer at 10-15mph 3 months ago
-I don't have access to a lift or even a paved, covered garage, all car work done on a gravel driveway with floorjacks and jackstands and dirt

If anyone wants to comment on any of this, please do.
I think I'm done with this car, it has throughly kicked my ***.

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