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February 2017 COTM

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Jessica's 1990 Indy

Indygurl – Jessica Van Ness’s 1990 Indy 3.1

Here are some words from Jessica about her Indy:

I bought my Indy in March of 2012, with 136,000 miles, from Allegan, MI, the city I grew up in. A friend told me of a guy that used to have a bunch of Berettas. The Indy was the only one he had left along with a bunch of parts off past cars. I bought my Indy for $250¬†and had it towed home due to a blown brake line. It has been through three fuel pumps and I had to strip and clean the interior due to the infamous water leak. We drove a 2000 mile round trip to Berettafest in Maryland 2016 (our first) and did great! I’m hoping to drive it again this year but we will see. The car now has 225,000 miles.

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