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December 2018 COTM

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Musician – Autumn Choate’s 1993 GT 3.1L 5 Speed

“This Beretta, whom is dubbed Miseree, is my first car. We got her from a guy who abandoned her in a field for as long as I’ve been alive. My dad bought her for me and she sat in our driveway for about two years. Gradually, we fixed her up together. I actually got offered to sell her and buy a really nice, running Beretta, but I decided that she was going to be my project car and that she had personality. I started learning to drive stick, and I can definitely say I was terrified to drive her when we got it running. After lots of practice and finding tons more mechanical problems, she ran normally. I started buying cassettes since the player worked, and absolutely falling in love with my car. I can definitely say I’m so proud to show her off, I love her with my whole heart, even though she’s not the prettiest. That’s what makes her Miseree, after all.”

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