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January 2014 COTM

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Geoff Morrow 1995 Z26 3400/5-speed

Having grown up loving all kinds of cars, the Beretta struck me as something I could relate with. After several attempts to make a Beretta my first car, I ended up having to make do with a Ford, but not for long. I acquired the Z26 in April of 1999, and have not been able to keep my hands off it since. As most younger people do, there were some low times (stickers, worthless “mods”, a wreck). However, as time progressed, I grew up, and so did my thought process as well as how I planned things out. What has resulted is the car that many of you have come to know and see today. Quite honestly, I’ve had a hand from several people over the years that have helped me get the car to where it is now (whether it was advice, or knowledge, or good ol’ fashioned dirty work). To those of you who have helped in any fashion along the way, I can’t thank you enough. Without your help, the car wouldn’t be where it is today, and neither would I.

The car has gone through a few transformations; it’s not over with yet. I have some things up my sleeve that I’m looking forward to exposing to the community when the time is right.

1st 5spd swapped 94-96 3100 L-body
Fastest N/A V6 BFest 2007
Best of Show BFest 2009 & 2013
Best Engineered Entry BFest 2010

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