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Berettafest 2007

Detroit, MI

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Where is it?
Detroit, MI

When is it?
June 21-24th

What will we do there?

Bfest Itinerary

Thursday, June 21st
2pm - 4pm > Check in at the hotel
5pm - 7pm > GM Heritage Center Tour

Friday, June 22nd
? - 4PM > Free time (optimum for the Henry Ford Museum and Rouge Tour)
5pm - ? > Drag Racing, otherwise Free Time

Saturday, June 23rd
10:30am - 12pm > Registration open for Bfest Car Show at Willow Metro Park
12pm - 2:30pm > Car Show and food
3pm > Awards Ceromony
4pm > Group Car photo
5pm > Free Time/Go-karts at Kart2Kart

Sunday, June 25th
Check out, goodbyes, etc.

How do I register? What does it get me?
Registration is open. BerettaFest Registration 

Registration will again use an easy online form. You'll see registration totals and profiles in realtime, and will be able to pay by personal check, money order, or PayPal.

Registration cost will be $27 per driver and $17 for each additional rider. Registration is required and will include:
  • Substantially discounted rate at hotel
  • Official Bfest 2007 Sticker
  • Bfest 2007 information packet (maps, directions, etc - everything you need to get around town for the weekend)
  • Unlimited food and drink at the BBQ
  • Entry into all drawings for sponsor-donated items
  • Option to pre-order shirts at a reduced rate
  • Tour of GM Heritage Center (NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

Where will we stay?
We have secured about 45 rooms at a mid level hotel in the suburban Detroit area. Our group rate will be $66/night for a double queen room and $60/night for a single. There is an indoor and oudoor pool, and plenty of parking for all of us. Something new this year is that all of our rooms will be in a block and all next to each other.

Specific details will be sent when you register.

How much money can I plan on spending?
I get asked this every year, and every year it's a tough question to answer. I've seen people get by with no more than a couple hundred dollars for the entire weekend, and others need much more. A lot of it has to do with how far you are coming from and what your personal spending habits are. With that in mind, I can offer some suggestions and reminders for your planning:
  • Your lunch on Saturday will be covered by the cookout
  • Use your gas mileage calculations to buy gas cards before the event
  • Over-plan for gas useage. Gas tends to get used faster when we are in large groups.
  • Consider sharing a room if you're on a tight budget. A great way to make new friends!
  • Do you want any souvenirs?
  • Don't forget money for a T-shirt
Not counting your hotel room and gas money, most people tend to bring $150-$300 to cover the rest of the weekend like food, souvenirs, etc. I'll add more suggestions as I think of them. Email me if you have any questions.

My Beretta is a clunker. Can I still attend?
Of course! In fact, it's encouraged. Most everyone's cars are daily drivers and are not in immaculate condition.

I don't own a Beretta. Can I still attend?
Do you have a legitimate reason to want to go? Sometimes former Beretta owners sell their cars, sometimes a member's Beretta is down for repairs, and sometimes non-owners spend a lot of time with Beretta owners and start to feel like part of the family. These are all good reasons to attend Bfest. Basically, if you have a sincere interest in attending then we would love to have you join us!

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