Sound Deadening

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Sound Deadening

Postby yellow3800 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:36 am

I’m almost ready to pull a dB meter.

Is it me or is your car louder than it used to be?

What have you done to quiet your car like a brand new Mercedes?

I want to know what ideas (passive) you have to quiet down the road noise, more specifically, and not just audio driven sound deadening. Adding 250lbs of dynomat is not what I’m after.

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Re: Sound Deadening

Postby woody90gtz » Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:28 pm

Lizard Skin is a spray on deadener that doesn't weigh much. I used both the sound and heat flavors on my Camaro. For the Beretta I used SecondSkin Audio knock offs of Dynamat and Dynapad. I forget the % they spec, but it's less than half that you have to cover to eliminate resonance, and I only padded the front foot wells. Made a noticeable difference. But it's not a brand new mercedes. haha

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Re: Sound Deadening

Postby 3X00-Modified » Mon May 06, 2019 9:23 am

Brand new Mercedes weigh a ton, so if you want it to be as quite as one, just pile the crap on and care nothing about the additional weight... lol

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