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WTB '95 Z26 Spoiler

Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 1:21 pm
by Danno
I'm looking for a spoiler for my '95 Z26. Of course, I'd love it if a red one showed up at my door, but I'd be happy with any appropriate spoiler.

Is it possible? Please PM me with info if you have something you'd be willing to sell.



Re: WTB '95 Z26 Spoiler

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 5:21 pm
Well its expensive but heres the only one I can find. Im thinking about buying it because my spoiler is cracked in 3 different places. ... 91126.html

Re: WTB '95 Z26 Spoiler

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2021 4:40 pm
by Danno
Thanks. I appreciate the response.

That's steep but may be my only option.