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Re: 94 z26 shaking / vibration at 40mph+

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 12:21 am
by thump1st
Guest wrote:Ok, it's fixed.  The shaking is gone!  I'm happy about that, but for $850 they sure did some sloppy work.  My car smells like cigarettes now, I don't think they bled my brakes all the way.  I looked under the rear end, and a bracket that holds my brake line on is just hanging there (they never bolted it back up).  Under the hood on the passenger side, there is a plastic thing that slides on one of the strut mount studs, on top of the nut.  They never put that piece back on, and it's actually stuck underneath the nut b/c they tightened it down on top of it (kind of hard to explain).  I have to go back and complain, but at least they fixed the problem.

That was a roller coaster ride. Ive got the same prob with the shaking. Guess I got some aligning to do.