2021-2022 Committee Nomination - Mike Pride

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2021-2022 Committee Nomination - Mike Pride

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Hello ladies, gents, and Beretta fans of all ages!

I would be absolutely honored to serve our members for another year as a member of the Committee, and therefore am nominating myself for one of the 3 annually elected positions.

If you don't know me, here's a quick list of things I've done over the past few years:
-Attended 20 BerettaFests going back to the OG St. Louis fest in 2000
-Assisted organizing Bfest in pre-committee days 2002, 2003
-Since 2001 its either been myself or Ryan Haenny organizing those beautiful group shots
-Committee Chairman 2005-2016
-Proposed location/local organizer for 2002 Memphis, 2003 Milwaukee, 2010 Chicago, 2018 Milwaukee, and honestly picked up pieces on countless others!
-Elected committee official 2020-2021 for Rapid City, SD and was Aaron Choate's sidekick in planning out his proposal.

While that is a long list, I'm pumped to have the opportunity to add to it. After more than 20 years, I'm still just as passionate to deliver an amazing event as I was the first time I jumped in head first in 2002. Put my experience, passion, and dedication to work for YOU and all of our members!

Thank you for considering me, and no matter what happens I'll see you this year in St. Louis for the 25th Annual BerettaFest!!

Mike - Beretta.net Committee Chairman Emeritus
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Re: 2021-2022 Committee Nomination - Mike Pride

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Cliff Scott
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Re: 2021-2022 Committee Nomination - Mike Pride

Post by snowblindburd »

Also seconded.

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Re: 2021-2022 Committee Nomination - Mike Pride

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