For Sale: 1988 2.0 w 120k. Barn find...

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For Sale: 1988 2.0 w 120k. Barn find...

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"Barn Find", in this instance, means that the barn literally collapsed on the car! I bought a house in Ironwood, U.P. MI, this Beretta was parked inside its garage for past 12 years. Last winter's 257" of snow collapsed the garage roof. The car survived surprisingly well, except:
- Roof slightly collapsed: both doors still open fine
- Windshield toast
- Slight damage to hood.

I was shocked that these are considered "collectible", but am mainly interested in getting it GONE.
The house-seller gave me the Title & keys, said he and his son had begun mechanical restoration. No idea what they did. The body is rust-free and clean, dark blue paint surprisngly good. The red cloth interior is in very good shape.
I'm a Cummins guy and would be quite pleased to rehome this fine example of a 1988 Chevy Beretta ASAP.
Did I mention ASAP??? lol
Depending on offer, I might consider delivering from Western U.P. to Duluth/Minneapolis/Milwaukee/Chicago zone.
Please PM me if interested.
Or, my email is altbizsite at yahoo.

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