Differnace in year model vs Stuts

Want some new struts? What brand springs to buy? How much camber to run? What brake pads? What's the best setup for your situation....
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Differnace in year model vs Stuts

Postby 91-GTZ » Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:43 am

I recently had a strut blow out in my 91-GTZ. I went to Autozone and they had only one strut listing for a 91 Beretta. I told him I had the FE7 suspension and he went to the 92 and it showed a FE3 and FE7 options.

So I bought the 92 FE7 struts only to find out they wouldnt fit.

They had the front sway bar bracked already welded on to the strut higher than if I used the my bolt on brakets. And the rod would not go all the way threw the upper bearing. It wasnt milled down as far as the 91.

I took them back and got a stock set for a 91 and it was the same and worked.

I need new strut boots so I went to the juck yard and was amazed that the 90,91,92 front struts where all differnt ??

So heres my question. Is the FE3 or FE7 strut special, performance wise ? ÂÂÂ

Or is the FE3 and FE7 just better springs with stock struts found on the Coupe and GT ?


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Differnace in year model vs Stuts

Postby rweatherford » Sat Nov 26, 2005 11:10 pm

Different suspension packages had different valving.  It won't matter for your replacement struts.

The FE3 vs FE7 is the difference in the sway bar mounting.  Your 91 car used the same mounting as a 90 GTZ with FE7 and the Indy.  This might just be an early 91 thing.  Using up the old parts.

1990 had a bolt on bracket to hold the swaybar.  In 92 it has a welded bracket and the swaybar end links are longer.

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