Trunk question

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Trunk question

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 19, 2003 12:23 am

I live in New England, so it gets fairly cold on a regular basis. Actually, it's 0 degrees outside as I write this. Well, anything in my trunk with any amount of moisture freezes solid. So far I've had to thaw a lava lamp, two things of armor-all wipes, and some boots...not to mention the bottle of soda in my backseat.

Granted, the trunk gets cold and anything wet will get cold, but this is extreme. Anyone experience this and ever find a way around it? ???

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Trunk question

Postby Kevskate99 » Sun Jan 19, 2003 9:15 am

It just happens. Its been negative 10 degrees the past few days at night. Like last night my stereo was REALLY slow and when I pushed the button to change the track it would take about 10 seconds for it to show up that its changing. So you will probably just have to learn to deal with it.

Btw, where in New England do you live? You should check out the Beretta Fest New England post in the Northeast section. Its going to be the 17th thru the 20th, lots of things planned, don't think we'll have time to do them all in that amount of time. :) Btw, I'm in NH.


Trunk question

Postby Guest » Sun Jan 19, 2003 6:19 pm

I'm in Lowell, MA. Yeah, I definitely expect the cold, but I was just wondering if adding a liner the the underside of the trunk might help at all. No big deal, but it gets annoying when you go to wipe your dash down and the cleaner is frozen, lol. Oh well. Thankks for the reply.

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Trunk question

Postby CKr » Sun Jan 19, 2003 8:50 pm

Are you talking about just when you transport things they freeze or leaving them in there all night?  If they are freezing while transporting, maybe you can fold down your rear seats so some heat gets back there.  Otherwise I really don't see how you could keep stuff from freezing unless you put a space heater in there.  Or somehow ran some piping from your heater back to your trunk :D

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