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Postby 3X00-Modified » Fri May 15, 2009 8:37 am

This is a repost of the original rules, I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention. There will be some revisions made to these shortly and the final rules will get posted when they are agreed on by the full admin staff.

New Users Please read the thread regarding your first 5 posts having to be approved before visible. Its a SPAM filtering process, NOT a Censor. **NEW USERS PLEASE READ*** New Member Post Approvals

  • No personal attacks on other members will be tolerated. If you question someone, it must be done in a reasonable and semi-friendly manner. Violating this rule will be grounds for a warning followed by a 3-5 day suspension and permanent removal from the board if violation occurs after suspension.

  • Members will be notified via PM of actions taken by the Administrators of this board if members fail to follow these rules.

  • Off Topic Post should be kept to the off topic area.

  • Any concerns a member(s) has about the board will not be discussed openly on the board. The complaint can be sent to the Administrator in charge of this board. The moderators appreciate your feedback but once the situation is discussed among all moderators, the ruling handed down shall be final. No further discussion of the situation will take place and any member(s) who forces the issue shall be suspended for 30 days followed by a permanent removal from the board if violation occurs after suspension.

  • Members must realize that this board is not public domain and membership can be withdrawn by the board owner at any time.

  • Moderators have a commitment of activity with this board. Therefore if a Moderator is inactive for 30 days (1 month), the Moderator will be notified via PM and will have a period of 5 days to respond to the PM. Failure to do so will result in the removal of mod ship from this board.

  • Moderators reserve the right to not approve any message for any reason. Therefore, Moderators are expected to follow up with messages in their assigned sections. It is the Moderators responsibility to make certain that members are receiving the correct information for the questions asked.

  • If a Moderator is expected to take a leave of absence, it is the Moderators responsibility to inform the Board mods and Admins of this board of their absence so that the board can take over the Moderators section.

  • Any material that is linked and/or pasted on this board that contains anything in an explicit sexual nature will be deleted and the topic will be locked. Members posting risk suspension and/or being banned from the board.

  • Any member that purposely starts to "flame" or "troll" on another message board and/or forum and the result is a "flame war" on is cause for immediate suspension. Failure to comply will result in revoking of membership. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
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