fiero vs beretta

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fiero vs beretta

Postby isaiah1234 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:32 pm

Hello I was wondering about the interchangeability of parts between my beretta and a fiero. I have a fiero at my disposal. They both run and drive somewhat and both have blown head gaskets. My beretta is an automatic but fiero has manual trans. Can a manual fiero transmission be swapped in my auto beretta? Are there any better parts on the fiero that work with the beretta? Whats the differences between the two engines? Any help appreciated thanks!



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Re: fiero vs beretta

Postby Rettax3 » Wed May 26, 2021 4:28 pm

Hi, welcome to the Forum. I have owned a few Fieros too (still have a couple of them). Yes, the Fiero transaxle can be adapted to the Beretta. You will need Beretta CV axles, and the clutch Master cylinder and hydraulic line. Is your donor Fiero a 4-speed or 5-speed? Either will work, both should be 'Muncie' transaxles since your Fiero is a V-6 car. Clutch kits and flywheels are interchangeable. You will need a Beretta Transmission Mount for the manual -the auto's bracket is different. The Fiero obviously runs the cables from the front of the transaxle instead of the rear, so Pontiac made a bolt-in adapter for the shift cables. Remove that piece of gold and store it in a box somewhere with a label so archeologists can identify it in the next life. You MIGHT need to replace the shift-shaft linkage setup I think, IIRC Pontiac re-clocked the link on the arm for the alternate cable direction, and I THINK you need a conventional cable mounting bracket too, depending on the transaxle your Fiero has (some of the 4-speeds, all Isuzu-made though I think, had cast-in brackets for BOTH cable mounting directions). The Fiero shifter CAN be used in a Beretta, with some modification. Easier to find someone with a spare Beretta/Corsica/Grand Am etc shifter. You also need a Beretta clutch-pedal assembly -I don't believe the Fiero one will work unless you have some good fabrication skills.

I hope this helped a little -it isn't all swappable, but the tranny itself is good to go...

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