*************FOR SALE THREAD SUGGESTIONS*************

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*************FOR SALE THREAD SUGGESTIONS*************

Postby 3X00-Modified » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:53 am

FOR SALE THREADS Starting Jan 1st 2014 and forward sellers should review these suggestions to help assist the success of their for sale thread.

Beretta.net is not liable for any and all transactions in these threads Use this section and threads at your own risk.

Moderators reserve the right to delete any for sale thread that does not fit in the For Sale Section.


A. The location of the item should be listed in your thread title; the zip code, city, state or country (if outside of North America) where your vehicle or part is located. In the body of the topic list any information regarding willingness to ship, deliver, or pickup only in the beginning of the listing so a user knows the availability of the part.

B. [b]Vehicle Identification Number should be listed in your posting for Car sales.
Listing your vehicle's VIN allows possible buyers the avalibility to check against registry reporting systems, i.e., CarFax, AutoCheck, etc.

C. Picture(s) of the listed item should be included Providing actual pictures of the vehicle/part you are selling in the current, sellable condition to you're for-sale thread. You may also provide a link to your vehicle/part(s) off-site pictures or even a link to pictures to your item for sale on eBay, provided you have pictures loaded on the site. For assistance with posting pictures, see the "Can I post images?" section of the FAQ located at the top upper right.

D. Post a reasonable price. We are not eBay, nor an auction site, so "make an offer" is not very effective. Reasonable price means that you have done some research and identified a fair price-point that will actually sell. Requesting "offers" without a reasonable starting point is essentially the same as requesting members to "bid" on your item(s). (If you think something is not worth the asking price, or you found something at another site or a yard sale for less, don't post stating you found a deal on the same thing elsewhere! If you want to bring it to the seller's attention, use a PM. All posts of this nature will be deleted.) Having posted a reasonable price, you may also include OBO (Or Best Offer) along with the price. But remind buyers to PM you with their offers, rather than post them publicly in the thread. All fees associated with the purchase (i.e. Paypal) must be negotiated at the time of sale. Make sure you read and understand the policies of the sites that offer these types of services.


A. Retain all original post information - don't delete anything. Member-sellers should retain all original post materials, e.g., listing information, photos, price(s), etc., if/when the vehicle/part is no longer available for sale. This "No Editing Out" of for-sale information protects both the buyer and seller and gives other members a price-point to use in establishing the potential market value of their vehicle(s)/part(s). Corrections or price changes are excluded from this, BUT you should still retain the ORIGINAL asking price, add in a line saying Now asking $xx.xx so a user can identify the price drop.

B. Post vehicles/parts that are ready to sell. Otherwise, please make sure you let potential buyers know when the vehicle will be available. "Feeler" threads typically dont work. Either sell your item or don't. If you want to see what someone might pay for your car or part, post it in General Discussion

C. If you are selling multiple items, list each item in one sale post. You can keep them all in the one post with spacing, or make separate posts, but use one thread. Don't use 5 threads for 5 items. Be sure to include pics for the items. This would only apply to parts, as vehicles should be kept in a thread by themselves.

D. DIBS: most users allow the 'dibs' system. If you do not want to tolerate "dibs" then the title or first paragraph must clearly state "NO dibs." After that we will not be policing the Dibs deal. Be aware that a user can post negative feedback for your sale if you sell out from under them. You also determine how long you will hold an item for a user, be sure to list that in the thread if you're accepting of this method and the hold duration.

E. When selling an item/vehicle, state whether there is any warranty or returns allowed, or if the item(s) are as-is, etc. This helps others to know what to expect if there is a problem.

3) Other Sale Guidelines

A. Using PayPal. Use PayPal's "gift" feature at your own risk to purchase items on the site. If the only way a seller will "sell" is if the buyer acquiesces and uses the Gift choice, then, this may very well be a scam and buyers are warned. If you use PayPal's Gift feature, and the seller receives the funds, from PayPal's perspective, then you the buyer truly intended this as a "Gift" and PayPal will not attempt to collect from the seller no matter how much you protest. A gift is a gift. However, if you choose to use PayPal's other options to purchase an item, you have a limit of 45 days from the original date of purchase during which you may lodge a dispute and petition for a refund. 60 days from the original date of purchase if paid by a Visa or MasterCard with your bank. Disputes must be handled privately. If there is a problem or issue, you must first work it out amongst yourselves via PM, email or other communication methods. Do not post in the open forums until you have contacted the OP to first attempt to resolve the issue. Only report poor sales IF you have no success in coming to an agreement. Give the seller a reasonable amount of time to respond to your request, we will not be accepting of threads started a day after you attempt to contact the seller regarding a resolution.

B. Shipping/Handling may be part of the sale. Once a vehicle is sold, the sale is not over. Making sure the item is delivered (or shipped properly and arrives to the intended buyer) is the responsibility of the seller unless other agreements have been reached.

C. Disputes must be handled privately. If there is a problem or issue, you must first work it out amongst yourselves via PM, email or other communication methods. Do not post in the open forums until you have contacted the OP to first attempt to resolve the issue. Only report poor sales IF you have no success in coming to an agreement.

D. Poor Seller / Buyer Note. Any member who is a poor seller/buyer and is unwilling to resolve any issues will be placed on a time out or banned depending on the severity of the offense. This will not be a unilateral decision, but will be based on an assessment of the situation by the moderators.

E. Use Feedback threads. Feedback threads enables other members to review transactions between a potential seller and other members and then determine if they want to do business with that seller.
*For those members who have had a good experience, then post a POSITIVE rating
*If there was an issue and it was resolved, please post a POSITIVE (because it was resolved) or a NEUTRAL rating
*If you have a bad experience with a member, and are unable to resolve the issue, then post a NEGATIVE rating and a short note describing the issue(s).
*In all cases, remember that you need to work it out, do not just immediately post a negative rating.

F. No offensive ads or items that can not be sold legally. All posts in the "For Sale" forum need to be Beretta/Corsica/Tempest related or somehow related to the Beretta.net website. This means only posts with parts for sale for a Beretta/Corsica/Tempest or tools/supplies related to working on them.

G. The Third Party Sales section is for THIRD PARTY sales only. Posts with links to Cragslist or Ebay sales of your own or other ACTIVE members will be deleted. If that other ACTIVE member wants his/her items listed here they have to start their own For Sale thread. The forum section title states this rule already as well (All craigslist, eBay, etc sale threads go here if you ARE NOT the seller)

PM Me Styluss or Will (diedemus) If there are any issues with the above.

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