Cruising night here

For all our fellow Beretta Owners over the pond..
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Cruising night here

Postby weba » Fri Oct 06, 2006 5:45 pm

Here in Finland we have unofficial 'cruising night' every first friday on month, well actually only on summers, today was the last this year before snow.

The cruising it self is half organiced, american cars garher up on the center of Helsinki (our capital), and euro\japanese gather 15km's away (just right by my house lol!) for organised event, then there is 'burnout area' between them where people go do burnouts with big crowd watching.

And some smaller meets for some groups (like corvette owners) near by.

Well, anyway this friday night is usually loaded with all kinda build up cars everywhere, so theres lots to see all around if you have interest for cars.

some exsample pics:

Overal image of the american cars meet

There was more noice coming from this thing than you could possible imagine for moped :D

'rice' meeting place just by my house

Burnout area  :devil

Instead of posting 10000000000 pics and vids here, i give the links for you interested people there:

American meet pics for this year (1000+)

Euro\japanese meet pics from last month

This years cruising and burnout pics and vids

So this is how it works here, btw i have never ever seen any other beretta on cruising night than my...

Hows the car scene where you live? do you have anything like this?

I fill up for $130. Also 11 years of Beretta ownership

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