92 5 speed/3.1 base 'project resurrection'

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92 5 speed/3.1 base 'project resurrection'

Postby keiffith » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:36 pm

Back story: I've had a Beretta since i was 16 (13 years now) all were beaters with a heater, but i loved them.


Bought this particular one in VA while i lived in NC. 92 5 speed, 3.1 base. Motor seized at 180k, so it got my 280k motor out of my first car 7 years ago. has been sitting for 5 years in NC until i went down and uhauled it home this week.

Heres the project: make this 92 base into a driver. Not a restoration. Interior panels are notoriously trash on these cars, and rather than 'waste' good ones on a car that will get beat, i plan to vinyl wrap the the dash(they dont look too bad with the pad ripped off) and make some masonite door cards.

Engine is going to get an advanced tune up, alt, waterpump, and coils/wires/plugs.


(MERKUR XR4ti pictured is my brothers)

Going to be on the hunt for a few parts, but going to go thru the car thoroughly before i get a list.


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