The 2021 Beretta.Net Calendar Winners Are Here!

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The 2021 Beretta.Net Calendar Winners Are Here!

Postby Styluss » Mon Nov 16, 2020 4:34 pm

HOLY COW we've got 12 winners for next year's calendar! Fun fact for this year: The last 8 spots in the calendar are all tie votes. There was a 3 way tie for 3rd and a 2 way tie for the next 4 spots. We even had to have a tie breaker vote for the final spot in the calendar!

Thank you to all of you that submitted photos for consideration as well as all of you that voted. 29 photo submissions were whittled down to 12 winners for next year's calendar. Next year, I want to see 30 or more submissions! There's NO reason more of you can't submit. You give me a reason you shouldn't and I'll give you two reasons you should. No, really. Contact me if you're feeling shy or concerned for whatever reason about submitting for the yearly calendar. I'm always here to provide tips on submitting the best photo possible as well.

I'd love to see A LOT more activity in regards to voting as well. It seems that a lot more people buy calendars than actually vote so why not be a part of choosing which cars you're going to see in the calendar you're buying!? We only had 32 people vote this year. Remember, this is something that we do for YOU, the community member. But without participation it's simply a waste of our personal time. We're not getting any special perks for doing this save for one helluva sweet calendar to grace the walls of our homes and offices. Plus, see all the ties mentioned above? You may have been able to help catapult your favorite car into the calendar or help the owner get their choice of month!

Take a look at the winning shots and tell me if you see a pattern... A quality photo will always help with the votes! Clean, concise and well lit shots of the car. There's one or two winners this year I fear won't look nearly as appealing once they've been uploaded into the calendar. So please... PLEASE read and abide by the submission guidelines next year. I will not hesitate to reject submissions, at my discretion, based on these submission requirements next year.

This is also your last chance to have me edit any of your information. If it's wrong and you don't say anything it will go to print wrong, know that. It is on you to get me your information and then to ensure it is correct once presented.

Now, with that out of the way, here are your winners! In order of most votes. Remember, you can request the month you would like to be and preference will be given by most votes received. Please message me here or on FB to request your month or to have changes made to your info. You have until Sunday, November 22nd to make these requests before this goes to print and it's simply to late to make changes!

1. Mark Hager - BouncingBumble - '90 Indy GT 3.1L 5-Speed - Buffalo, NY

2. Nicholas Jensen - NicJensen - '95 Z26 3100 Auto - Stanberry, MO

3. David W. Vissers - RogueZ26 - '94 Z26 3100 Auto - De Pere, WI

4. Cinamyn Choate - '96 Base 2.2L "Faux Z26"

5. Patrick Mumford - '94 Beretta 3500 Auto - New Carlisle, OH

6. Dustin Bainbridge

7. Brian Kimmitt - '93 Beretta GTZ - Maryville, TN

8. Viktor Jakab - J.Acko - '89 GTU 2.8L Auto

9. Eric Wood - '91 3400 5-Speed

10. Austin Weist - Weist44 - '91 Burrito 3.1L 5-Speed - Greenville, OH

11. Tyler Pitman - Tylerlp0 - '87 Feretta 3.5L V8 5-Speed - Catawba, NC

12. 60 Degree Motorsports - '89 GT 3.4L Champcar - Kent, OH

1989 GTU - The Nice Car
1989 GTU Mock - The Neglected Car
1989 Base Model - The Rally Car

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