Berettafest 2020 at the Carlisle PA Chevy Nationals

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Berettafest 2020 at the Carlisle PA Chevy Nationals

Postby woody90gtz » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:23 pm

Berettafest 2020 at Carlisle, PA

In 2020, we can join the Chevy Nationals in Carlisle and have our own club tent and class. We all love to get together with our friends and Berettas, but at Chevy Nationals you can expand your horizons a bit with over 1000 cars on site and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy! They will supply a big tent set up in our own area where we can BBQ, drink beer and hang out.

Carlisle entry fee is super cheap if you camp, $75 for the whole weekend, including camping on site...much cheaper than getting a hotel room. You can bring a tent, camper, or an RV. Or if you're not feeling as adventurous...there are still plenty of hotels around. We'll get one picked out and then the Carlisle fee is only $40. The GM event is smaller than some of their other events, so hotel pricing is reasonable. There are lots of hotels with parking lot entry to your room, which I prefer for a car event. Whether you camp onsite or stay at the hotel, you can hang out at the campground until you can't stay awake any longer - there are no restrictions on when you have to leave.

I've done this show 7 times now, and it has never let me down. Camping with the group is the best experience in my opinion. There are clean free showers and bathrooms on site and even even a spot to wash a few cars at a time. The camping security is friendly, and they are cool with BBQs at the camp site and staying up shooting the bull with some brews. There are no restrictions on alcohol or food. BYO stuff.

Official site ... +nationals
2018 preview video:
2018 recap video (with shot of a beautiful Beretta SS):
-1000+ cars
-Autocross ride-a-longs (UMI Motorsports has some nasty cars you can ride in)
-Autocross your own car (I raced in the shootout and didn't take dead last even with wrong wheel drive)
-Chassis dyno (I think it was $75 for 3 pulls)
-Burnout contest
-Kids section with bounce house & arcade
-Women's oasis
-Manufacturers' midway
-Parts vendors
-Good food court
-Always celebrity guests (Kevin Tetz, Lou Santiago and Dave Kindig a few I remember)

-Your show sticker is your free pass to come/go as you please from 8am-5pm-ish, and a camping sticker means 24hr freedom to come/go any time. I spend most of the day on the grounds, but not actually on the show field. There's a huge swap meet and a lot of other stuff to see. I usually do a lot of autocrossing.
-10% off for pre-registration, and kids under 12 are free.
-Pet friendly. I saw lots of dogs this year.
-Hotels run appx $50-100/night.
-Local drag strip if there is enough interest. I'm getting more info now (
Any other questions just ask and I'll find out.

Thursday would be a good day to hit up Hershey Park. It's a short drive (~45 mins) with roller coasters, a water park, and lots of other stuff. It's open 10am-10pm for this part of the season (8pm for the water park). We could do it as a whole day event (I know many Bfesters show up early), or do a "sunset" pass for 1/2 price admission after 5:30.

Approximate schedule:

Weds June 24:
Show up and eat tacos? Carlisle show won't be open, so you may have to get a hotel for one night if you're camping the rest of the weekend. We'll have to get this part sorted out.

Thursday June 25:
Option A: Show up and register early for a full day at Hershey Park - $60
Option B: Hold registration open later, group lunch (tacos?) & evening pass at Hershey for $34
Roller coasters & water rides, etc (

Friday June 26
GM Nationals show field opens (with Bnet section & tent for hanging out)
Autocross ride-a-longs in race-prepped cars
Open autocross your own car
Enter UMI Autocross Shootout for cash
Check out huge swap meet
Grand Prix Go-Karting at Sports Emporium ( ... rts-in-pa/)
Group dinner at Fairgrounds Diner / or BBQ at camp site
Hang out at the camp site

Saturday June 27
Our own Berettafest car show & voting (at our Bnet section of show field)
All 1000+ cars come for the Saturday show
We could eat at the food court (lots of options and priced reasonably)

Burnout contest
Picnic and awards and hang out at the camp site

Sunday June 28
Group breakfast at the Diner
Check out awards ceremony for the other cars
Pack up & say goodbye

Some random event pics I've had to give an idea:
As well as Carlisle's own photo galleries: ... 2445584342
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