225/50 or 205/55?

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225/50 or 205/55?

Postby rweatherford » Sun Feb 23, 2003 7:10 pm


Sounds like your real problem is crappy tires.  :D

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225/50 or 205/55?

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 24, 2003 9:23 am

Quote (Canada @ Feb. 03 2003,09:47)
In theory, a wider tire does not give you more traction (nor does a narrower tire).

That is true on a perfect surface. Roads are not perfect so the wider tire can actually kind of grab the uneaven surface better.

My gas mileage seems to be affected by the 225's a little. I used to get like 28-30 mpg with the 205's, now it seems like 22-25mpg with the wider tires.

Steph are you sure you didnt put on new tires right before winter? Do the 225s have full pressure in them? That is a whole lot less MPG for just 20mm tire surface.  :p

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225/50 or 205/55?

Postby spacecadetz26 » Tue Feb 25, 2003 3:54 pm

I put the new tires on right before new years. I work at a dealership, everytime i bring my car in for oil changes i check pressure and top off everything. I did do something different. I remembered when I wasnt a broke college student, I used to use ONLY Shell gas. maybe that is what did it? It's amazing how many miles I am racking up on this car. Just rolled over 118,000. 20k on the 3400.

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