Front struts, motor mounts

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Front struts, motor mounts

Postby acron » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:27 pm

I drive an '88 Beretta VIN 1G1LV11W0JY286225.

A couple of month ago I have replaced the front struts on the car, everything was fine for a while. Lately it feels like one of the shock absorbers is binding. At least that is the only explanation I have. One side of the carI can push down over an inch using some force and it comes back without going up and down. The other side won't move more than half an inch and bottoms out with a sound like it is hitting a rubber block.

At the time when I replaced the struts I didn't like the quality of the spare parts I had received, but getting spare parts for a 30 year old American car in Germany is an adventure on its own, so I put them on.

The parts I used are from CAR QUEST By: Gabriel 56705 and 56706, they were poorrly painted and one of the rods had weld splatter on it.

Is there a known good brand for these? I am looking for a standard replacement not tuning or hot rod stuff, the car is my daily driver and not a weekend racer. At the time I also put on new strut boots KYB SB104, strange hard plastic on the new parts versus the old cracked boots which were way more rubbery. These haven't failed yet, but while we are at it.

Also I have an issue with the motor/gearbox mounts. The first set I used was from Anchor Industries (gear box 2601, failed within 2 month, front motor mount 2610, failed a month later, rear mount 2477, did better). So I purchased a new set from NAPA/Balkamp (gear box 620-1087, still lasting, front mount 602-1552, looks okay, rear mount 602-1490, sagging with only 3mm before it hits the housing). Same question, does anybody know good quality components, so I don't have to do this every year.

One last request, what is the part number for the steel water pipe running across the front of the engine around the engine on the right to the rear cylinder bank. I better replace that before it rusts through.

Thank you very much

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