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Gtu/indy mirrors

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 01, 2003 1:55 am

Okay, slight problem.

About a year and a half ago, I encountered some construction pylons that were a wee bit closer to the road than I thought.  Next thing I know - Whump whump whump!  My mirror had hit them at 45 MPH, and while the housing for it was fine, not a dent in sight, the mirror was shattered and the device that holds the mirror was broken and somewhere alongside the road.

I've been driving without it since, which is a pain, because I back into parking spaces a lot.  Not that I use it that much, because I  drive better backwards than forwards, but it'd be nice to have it there.

So I finally got off my duff and located one on eBay.  It was not only the mirror, but the housing as well.  I thought this was nice, because I wasn't even sure if the mirror attachment device and the mirror could be swapped out of the housing or not.  It wasn't cheap, but nothing good ever is. The auction said it had a new paint job and everything.

So I got it in the mail today.  It's the wrong mirror.  It's for the left side, which is still in fine shape.  The new paint job is slick, but a well-painted leftside mirror doesn't do jack for me.

So, here's the million dollar question:

Can the mirror and mounting stuff be removed from the GTU/Indy mirrors, and will the left side mirror/mounting stuff be used on the right side?

As far as I can tell, the mirror is symmetrical, but I'm no expert.

If anybody here can help out, please, lemme know.



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Gtu/indy mirrors

Postby heavywoody » Sat Feb 01, 2003 3:43 am

Holy Crap! Ryan, where you been? Me and Ribz had you figured gone for good!

Now, the answer to your problem. The left side won't fit the right side at all. I believe it has a downward slant to it on both sides. I could be wrong though. I think you can order the glass from GM. Did the bezel get damaged too? I have some extra mirror parts around here somewhere.

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Gtu/indy mirrors

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 03, 2003 5:50 pm

Gee Geoff, now you hav me thinking, I thoght the housings where the same, and like Ryan thought, the hardware was lt and rt. I'll have to take a look at my back up set now.

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