Oil in throttle body

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Oil in throttle body

Postby MAJ28 » Sun Dec 22, 2002 4:27 pm

I guess I'm just not good enough to hang with the big dogs... (i knew more then most of you think, not much more though)

If I get some spare cash I'll change the valve after Christmas, my aint goin' anywhere anyway.


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Oil in throttle body

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 22, 2002 8:14 pm

PCV valves are like $2.00 or so. I would get one fast instead of letting the oil build up like that. But thats just me :)

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Oil in throttle body

Postby CKr » Mon Dec 23, 2002 1:51 pm

Jason, I thought you were going to rebuild that engine or replace it?  If so, why fix that valve?  To change the PCV you have to remove the plenum, if you didn't already know that.  And I would say your going to need a new hose, at least I did, when I replaced mine.  It was like $7 at the dealership.

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Oil in throttle body

Postby GTPrix » Mon Dec 23, 2002 2:14 pm

Yeah that stupid S shaped hose..
My PCV valve would absolutely NOT come out of the hose.  It was totally stuck.  I cracked the hose trying to get it out. ÂÂÂ

Incase you need it, the part number for the hose is 10118694.  It's $3.55 plus tax.
(Or atleast it was back on July 24th 2001, when I bought it..... :p )

Remember to get the plenum gaskets while you're at the dealership!!

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Oil in throttle body

Postby Jimz90indy » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:45 pm

Those 'S' shaped hoses are available at Advance Auto also.

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