So what's everyone else into for hobbies

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So what's everyone else into for hobbies

Postby 99GaGT3X00 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:36 pm

even back when i did the car part of it i was into R/C cars. had a couple of these for over 15yrs and since i moved to a place where there's room outside to screw around i got back into the R/C hobby.

the Xmaxx i bought last fall and it was pretty decent to begin with and i haven't done much to it. did the rear bearing upgrade and better cooling fans for the motor, belted tires and a new body.

the Emaxx i just picked up. bought that as a roller and honestly looks mint. found a guy selling the whole electronics and got some new wheels for it coming.

the Savage i have had for like 15yrs. it started out as a savage x and shortly after i converted it to an XL, which it stayed like that for a long time..4 years ago i converted it to electric and that was fun but the brushed motors sucked on battery life so this spring i went brushless.
savage x.jpg

i have many more r/c's
axial scx-10 which i threw more money at than anything before it even hit the ground.

tamiya txt-1 which i've had longer than the savage

exceed hannibal 1/5 scale. haven't ran this one yet but it's huge.

along with the R/C's i have always been interested in computers. been building them for almost 20yrs and the last handfull i have begun dabbling in servers and enterprise stuff. it's not as bad as it looks. spent and afternoon awhile back redoing all the wires in the back. this includes making new cat6 cables. this is in a little nook in my living room so it doesn't stick out.

one of them runs bluiris for my cameras. one is for pfsense. one is my esxi for virtual machines. big one on the bottom is my file server.
lab 2.jpg
lab 1.jpg

if i had a place to do the car thing i'd still be doing that.

but what's everyone else into. obviously i know it's beretta's as the main thing but there has to be something else.

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Re: So what's everyone else into for hobbies

Postby woody90gtz » Wed Oct 14, 2020 10:03 pm

I wouldn't say Berettas are the main thing, but definitely cars in general. But I think I've already documented all that stuff pretty well.

I do follow pro football really close. Probably because my hometown is a "football town" that's won the NYS title two times. We were actually ranked #1 in NYS both my years on varsity, but managed to screw that up in the playoffs. Junior year we lost to the eventual state champions (who we had already beat @ their field earlier in the year) and my senior year we lost to a team we had beat 40-6 earlier in like week 2. Obviously they got better as the year went on and we played a shitty game. But football is single elimination and ripe for crazy upsets...which I think is why it's so popular.

I also still dabble in the graphic design stuff a little bit. Bfest every year and I just made a graphic for Feretta Tyler's youtube channel.

Oh, and I did bring an old Camaro power wheels back from the dead for the kiddo. Converted it to an auto battery and moved the throttle switch back so she could reach it. Does decent burnouts, and she really likes it.

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Re: So what's everyone else into for hobbies

Postby ifixalot » Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:54 pm

I used to fly U-Control and later, RC airplanes. I last flew RC about 30 years ago. I had a couple daughters and I was busy in my business
and so I let them sit. My gosh, the U-Controls have been hanging there for probably 40 years.
I see homes of older people and they seem to be full of clutter. I guess I'm turning into one of them.
As I get older, there always seems to be something to fix or some forms to fill out for insurance or doctor
visits. Now I spend time on the computer each day doing all kinds of stuff. Bill pay, ordering parts, looking up stuff
for help.
So in answer to your question, I currently am not active in any hobby. I hope to get back to something soon.
I always thought, "when I retire", but dang, there is always some damn thing I have to do.

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