I love brake rotors -New Tools!

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I love brake rotors -New Tools!

Postby Rettax3 » Mon Nov 21, 2022 10:44 pm

Ever have a CV axle jam, and refuse to come out? Limited access for pry-bars, you just can't yank on the darn thing because it will pull the boot apart or just spring-back and laugh at you... What to do?
A cheap slide-hammer and a little creativity enters in...
CV Slide 3a.jpg

The small lip on the edge offers the option to angle the puller attachment slightly to ensure "positive retention", in other words, to help keep it from slipping off.
CV Slide 2a.jpg
After test-using it on one of maybe three CV axles that have refused to come off for me over the years, this new tool has been cleaned, primed, and painted -ready for the next time. It will be my new go-to CV tool, as it eliminates the possibility of damaging or scraping other components.

I left an extra couple of mounting-holes (the small one is pre-threaded, metric) to give extra options in case I ever find a need. Options are good...

From turbo-charger outlet flanges to new purpose-made tools to simple wheel-chocks, these scrap steel discs can be amazingly useful.
Aside from a small amount of time and a big mess from the cutting-wheel, this was basically free.
CV Slide 1a.jpg

I love old brake rotors... :D

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