3100 / 3400 turbo setup, ebay, $2250 make offer

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3100 / 3400 turbo setup, ebay, $2250 make offer

Postby whiteretta » Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:54 pm

I really don't know the exact value on these, but here is his information on the setup.

"Custom 3100/3400 Turbo kit. Kit includes everything essential you need to get your 3100/3400, probably 3500 as well turboed. Was used on a 3.4l LA1 engine.

Back Story: I had used this setup briefly for 2 years, if even, on a 2000 Monte Carlo LS, not much usage at all, ran only up to 6-8 lb of boost rarely though and no lag, 60degreev6 forum people claim they could do up to 15psi on stock bottom with a good tune. Kit can work on impala, grand prix, other wbody cars and probably on grand am and alero as well etc. Oh, if your battery is on the driver side you will probably need a battery relocation kit like in a grand am.

What does this includes:

1. Turbo exhaust Kit includes manifolds/crossover, wastegate, 3” Turbo exit pipe w/ o2 bung, and all gaskets
2. Intercooler Kit includes needed Intercooler, BOV, Piping, Couplers, Clamps, and Mounting Hardware to run.

3. Will come with the Intake manifold 3/8" tce spacer kit extended bolts, and a modified throttle body to get everything to fit. A manual boost controller is included.

4. Will include 42lb Precision Injectors with harness, and a Turbo PCM tuned by ZZP Performance, You can have the boost gauge that I got originally for this, and will throw in 6 performance zex turbo spark plugs.

5. Comes with a Garrett T03T04E 60 trim Turbo, 0.70 AR cold side, and 0.63 AR Hot side, comes with a 4” filter (Turbo has slight play, research said once you get oil in it, it will tighten up, makes sense cause i didn't remember any or much play when i first took it off. should have over ½ life left on them, builds up boost fine)

Info on turbo at http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mv ... RT-TBO-048

6. Will include hoses and hardware, oil sandwhich, oil pan fitting, clamps in order to run the oil feed and return for turbo.

Instructions? Only hand and drawn diagram I drew up to install this kit (Excuse my art skills.... I wish someone did this for me when I installed my kit), pretty standard installation if you know what you are doing. Will provide help and advice where needed after purchasing kit. I have included almost everything to make this close to bolt on.

What else I need? Kit is prepped and ready for installing, but possibly have to run some vacuum lines and plumb intake from throttle body to maf and obviously your method of connecting downpipe to your own exhaust.

Things to Know? Parts are used, there is wear on them, but no leaks, or issues. dents and scratches here and there, look at pictures. Parts have been re-prepped and ready for the next installation if I had a weekend I would probly get it in.

Pricing: The turbo itself was worth 850$. Milzy has a new kit for grand ams for about 4500-5500 new but not as complete when i last looked at their listing. I spent more than double of this asking price when I got my kit installed, Improvements have been made over time and I have replaced various parts recently to get it ready for reinstallation.
Probably about 150$ for shipping in lower 48 states since I probably have to mail out in separate boxes.

Can include my spare Master Power T03T04E turbo, 0.70 AR cold side and 0.48 AR Hot side, 3” Filter hole. for 100$ more only if you buy this kit.

I notice I didnt take a picture of the pcm. I will be at some point if interested, just a computer. Found 2 older pics of the engine bay, kit has since been improved a lot more."



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Re: 3100 / 3400 turbo setup, ebay, $2250 make offer

Postby MY91GT(Z) » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:10 pm

O man do I wish

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