BerettaFest 2022: St. Louis Missouri Committee Members!

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BerettaFest 2022: St. Louis Missouri Committee Members!

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The time has come to announce the winners of the voting for the three voted spots on the BerettaFest Committee. If you recall we have a process in place where you nominate yourself for the position, someone seconds you and boom you're in for the voting. We vote in three new committee members each year.

Well guess what? Only three people successfully nominated themselves this year so they automatically win!

Congratulations to Mike Pride, Stacy Lyston and Elena Kreiner! As well as Ron Miller as he is the supporting member that submitted St. Louis alongside myself so he's nabbed a spot on the Committee as well!

Look forward to more info as time goes on but know that we're here for you, the community members, to make BerettaFest 2022 - St. Louis the best it can be!

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