CV axle replacement

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CV axle replacement

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I have leaking CV axle seals. Other than the axles and seals, should there be anything I order? Anyone done this repair before and have guides on what to do? 96' Z26 auto.

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Re: CV axle replacement

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Consider replacing the lower ball-joints. If you can't 'shock' them out (hard hit on the spindle often pops the ball-joint loose) you may have to resort to a 'pickle fork', which will almost certainly destroy the ball-joint's boot. Not a bad time to just do them. I have been unimpressed with MOOG for several years now, and try to source the high-end line from Mevotec. They are built really well (Rock Auto often sells them, so that makes it easier to find them). Might as well inspect the struts and strut-tops while you are in there, but unless you have had 'shock-hop' tire-wear or are experiencing unsatisfactory ride-performance, you probably won't find much out there now better than what is already in there, even though it is old. Unless you are prepared to pay a ton of money at least.

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