X Code 3.4 install in 96 Z26

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X Code 3.4 install in 96 Z26

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Has anyone swapped a X Code 3.4 LQ1 in place of a 3.1? According to the specs for the engine, it was only available in a 96-97 Lumina, 96-97 Monte Carlo, 96 Olds Cutlass Supreme, and 96 Grand Prix. Specs says its sequential port fuel injection and 210 hp. I have found one and would like to know if it would be a direct replacement for the original 3.1 or if it would require any ECU or other mods. Any and all experience with 3.4 swaps to include year make and model of donor along with details of swap would also be appreciated.

If the x code 3.4 is a direct swap, I would like to go that route since the other 3.4's are only listed to have around 170 hp.


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Re: X Code 3.4 install in 96 Z26

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Funny you should ask... :D
This swap has been talked about and kicked around in discussions for as far back as I go into these Forums, including the now-dead bstuff. As far as I have ever seen, ONE mock-up was done (actually in a "J-Body" Cavalier bay, which was in that era the same as our "L-Body" engine-bays), and it was determined to be more work than drop-in. Beyond that, I have the ONLY one ever completed and running, to the best of my knowledge. 8) It is indeed more work than bolt-in, it has been stated over and over that the LQ1 "WON'T FIT" in our bays without chopping things up, and I can tell you that it is very, very tight. You cannot use stock mounts, the alternator on the LQ1 is at the bottom rear and is best relocated, but otherwise it physically fits. Sort of. :o The mock-up attempt suggested that the ABS-style brake master-cylinder would have to be removed and replaced with non-ABS, but I found mine worked, AND I was able to retain the battery in the bay, AND add a T-04 TurboCharger, AND add a thick-block Intercooler inside the bay, AND add the conning-tower of a US Navy Nuclear Submarine (okay, not really!). You will want the LQ1 ECM, or a custom tune on your PCM to run it right, and make use of the extra 1,000 RPM redline.
Mine, the only one I have seen or heard of completed and running. I am a Proud Papa of this one.
Mine, the only one I have seen or heard of completed and running. I am a Proud Papa of this one.
More detail here on my Build Thread:
https://www.beretta.net/forum/viewtopic ... 29&t=24795
And post-Build Thread:
https://www.beretta.net/forum/viewtopic ... 27&t=24964
Not easy, a 3800 Super Charged engine fits easier. Some will say it isn't worth doing because it 'only' makes 210 HP stock, but the engine was apparently designed for 300+ and was detuned due to transmission-reliability issues -look at the exhaust manifolds that breathe more than the TPI L98 Corvette's 5.7 engine did in the day, and start researching experiments with the infinitely-adjustable cam-timing people have done, and understand that we can now custom-tune the ECM for the power it was MEANT to make... If you can get a good-condition LQ1, and understand the added maintenance issues you will face with it, the engine is pretty cool. The '96 engine is a little different than the '95 I used, mainly a larger, longer intake manifold and full-on OBD-2. I would rather do spark-plug changes on this engine in a Beretta than any other option I have worked on in one of our cars, and honestly the timing-belt is a reasonable process too -although I believe the '96 engine is the ONLY LQ1 to have an 'interference' on the valves -wouldn't want to have to replace 24 of those! =@ Keep us updated on what you think, and if you pick up the engine.

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