BerettaFest 2022/2023 Committee Member Nominations!

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BerettaFest 2022/2023 Committee Member Nominations!

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Here we are yet again everyone... the time has come to decide who the temporary BerettaFest Committee members will be that join us for the 2023 event! We vote in a few people each year to assist the permanent committee with all that needs sorted out before we can hold a successful event. This year we had Ron, Stacy, Mike and Elena help us out. Thank you to all of you for all that you helped us execute!

The permanent BerettaFest Committee members are as follows:
Jonathan Chmura - Co-Chairman
Geoff Morrow - Co-Chairman
Amy Biagioni-Chmura - Treasurer
Ryan Haenny - Social Media Manager
Cliff Scott - BerettaFest Registrar

The process in place for temporary Committee member voting is for any interested group member to nominate yourself and then receive at least one second from another member. In order to nominate yourself please start a new thread in the Announcements section with your name in the topic stating your nominating yourself for the committee position. Anyone who wants to second your nomination will reply to your thread stating that they second your nomination. Nominating yourself isn't enough to be considered for the temporary committee, you must have a second person speak up for you as well! Also, you must nominate yourself! If someone else nominates you, it will not count.

So let the self nominating start! Self nominations will be live starting now and will close on Sunday, December 4th. At that point I will post a poll for you to vote for who you would like to see on the committee! So, go get nominating!

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