Need some suspension help

Want some new struts? What brand springs to buy? How much camber to run? What brake pads? What's the best setup for your situation....
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Need some suspension help

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Updating my post to help others so not to provide incorrect information.

Not alot of help here so doing my effort to keep the Beretta alive outside of the small circle in this community.

I completed the rear install of Eibach springs and KYB shocks. It was a very easy and straightforward install. Use a car jack to hold the rear subframe from falling when removing the old shocks! The old lower washers from the stock shocks will not work on the KYB shocks. I used just one washer that was included with the KYB kit and placed it between the strut and the upper rubber mount. That was the only way I could get it to work. I have seen a Monroe kit available for this situation but did not have that information at the time. The old stock top washer that's sits inside the trunk in the rubber mounts work fine. May order a Monroe kit in the future. Ignore the picture attached showing the stock washer on the struts. As mentioned above this has been addressed.

Now, drums were the hardest part of the rear.

Drum brakes are a hassle! Seriously going to consider the Neon rear brake swap! And to think I had a Srt4 for parts at one point.

Posting images of how the drums should look once completed. Once you do one side the other side is a breeze. Soo many springs and brackets!

Now as for the front suspension. Front struts are no where to be found for a 87-90 Beretta. So look for a Chevy Cavalier. You will see the arm for the lower brace. I have a 1990 GTZ, so newer models will be different I have heard. FE7 suspension bar connects directly to the front strut so you will need to weld the brace if your new struts don't have it. Also a option is to connect the bar to the control arms, however less effective.

Or get 94+ Beretta front struts and get the newer top stut mounts to fit. Front springs were the same except the top strut mounts changed. The body mounting points are the same. Valving for these now are not available for each different variation of Berettas so that is a downside.

Best option will be creating custom coilovers. A write up is available on this website.

I think I heard Skylark and other cars share the same FRONT struts. Found a set of PRT struts from a 1994 Z26 Quad 4 ok Rockayto in full assembly since it includes new hats and bumper stops. Don't have high hopes for these, however my stock struts are bad so anything should help. I have read the PRT struts sit higher so that may offset the minimal drop of the Eibach springs. Will post a update once installed.

Brand is the issue. Read Gabriel struts don't last and same for Sachs. My are blown so going to try some that are neither of those and update once installed.

Tried BC coilovers company to ask to make a custom set for my Beretta but have not heard back. Will call them directly soon. Have their kit on my Srt4 and they are top quality.

Oh and while I was at it, I stalled some under body LEDs to give it some fun at night. 😆

Car hasn't had a bath since so ignor her dirty look lol

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