Shipping car by train

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Shipping car by train

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I want to plan a berettafest where we could all converge on a convenient spot and go to (Yellowstone for example) by train. Hey, this is my first idea! However, I’m closing the box on this idea after finding that we just don’t have that kind of infrastructure. We CAN ship cars on a train however. Forget intricate shipping companies, where it’s possible, yet not applicable to this idea of transporting for 100mpg while our cars rack up zero miles all in a timely manner.

However, I DID find that it takes $250 to send your car (plus a $100 or more ticket for the owner) between wash DC and Orlando, FL, both cities in the SE section hee on bnet.

So maybe we can plan a bfest in FL after all! NE converges to DC, loads up, enjoys a 17hr train ride to Orlando. It’s different, but it’s not convenient for me or anyone ALONG the route. We have two cities and two cities only. It’s either DC or FL… no in-betweens.

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