Bfest 2018/2019 Committee

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Bfest 2018/2019 Committee

Postby Stencil » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:32 pm

It's that time of year again folks... As every year the Committee has to change over. This year we had Jay, Ken, and Brian as the voted in members, Mike also joined us since it was his location that won. Thanks to ALL of you for your time and work invested it was greatly appreciated and helped us complete another awesome Bfest!

Permanent members are as follows.
Jonathan Chmura - Co Chairman
Geoff Morrow - Co Chairman
Amy Biagioni - Treasurer
Aaron Choate - Webmaster
Cliff Scott - BerettaFest Registrar

Standard rules for Committee voting is you need to nominate yourself and you need to receive at least one second from another member to be included in the final round of voting.

SO let the self nominating start!

Start a new thread in the Announcements section with your name in the topic stating your nominating yourself for the committee position, Anyone who want's to second your nomination reply to their thread stating that.

Self nominations will go until Wednesday the 10th of next week and then I will post poll for you to select three of the options.

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