Model Specifications for Beretta 1987 - 1996
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Welcome to the Models Section! Here you will find standard and optional equipment available on each Beretta produced from fall 1987 through 1996. Highlighted within these pages is upgrades and improvements made to the Beretta (increased engine size, the addition of a drivers side airbag, ABS brakes and lifelong engine coolant). Click on the links above to learn more about a specific model year. Information is listed by specific model within the pages, from Base Beretta, GT, GTU, GTZ, INDY and Z26. If you believe something should be added or deleted please use the email at the bottom of each page to submit your suggestion. You will find more links through out this page, including technical data (production numbers, performance ratings, specs and pricing), magazine and newspaper articles as well as pictures of the Beretta sold in Europe. Enjoy!

Links to Technical Data on the Chevy Beretta

Beretta Basics (via Excite) Beretta Road Test Ratings (via Excite)

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Beretta Production Numbers

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1987 Chevy Beretta (via

1988 Chevy Beretta (via 1988 Chevy Beretta(2) (via 1988 Chevy Beretta(3) (via

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