Beretta Convertible Street Legal?

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Beretta Convertible Street Legal?

Postby 90blkgt » Sun Mar 08, 2020 3:04 am

The March 2020 Car of the Month post titled "Nicholas Jensen’s Beretta Hat Trick" is an overview of Mr Jensen's three Berettas, one of which is a convertible. He is quoted as saying he is getting it ready for the road. Can it be licensed for use on public roads? I thought the convertibles had safety issues and had titles that prohibited licensing.

Actually I am surprised to even see a non-Indy pace car convertible Beretta. I thought a few Berettas were customized and turned into convertibles to serve as pace cars for the 1990 Indianapolis 500, but then Chevy discovered the safety problems and never put the convertible Beretta into production.

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Re: Beretta Convertible Street Legal?

Postby Rettax3 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 3:02 am

No convertible Berettas were offered for sale as production cars, this is true and correct, but there were MANY (I want to say rumors put it somewhere around 28) test-units made, in blue, red, teal, etc. I know GM sold off many one-off cars during their financial 'restructuring', an act mandated by the government (the same one that instituted the moronic 'cash for clunkers' B.S.). Because these cars are over 25 years old, they can be titled, fully Federally legal, even if they were modified in such a way as to make them unroadworthy by standards of the day. I don't know what 'safety issues' the 'verts had, aside from excessive body-flex, and I don't know why GM couldn't overcome this as they did with the third-gen Camaro convertibles (I have one, and can attest to the fact that GM had to add a metric tonne of extra framing underneath the car, and the rest of the structural mods look like a hack-job if you take the carpet and plastic trim off, but they handle solidly enough, despite being RWD). I always found it odd that the Cavalier 'verts were okay, while the Berettas were 'financially impossible' to safely alter. %)

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