Two 1991 almost twin Berettas, sat for years, plus parts for sale. York PA.

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Two 1991 almost twin Berettas, sat for years, plus parts for sale. York PA.

Postby BerettaFan3553 » Mon Nov 08, 2021 5:12 pm

Both medium sapphire blue, both 3.1 automatic, one well optioned base, one GT, aluminum lace GT wheels for both. The only differences besides the GT body trim is the base has hand crank windows and no power trunk open.

They have been sitting in blacktop driveway for years. Base was last operated in 2008, GT in 2013. Base has a well cap crunch between front wheel and door. GT wing is cracked. One has small hood crease from being blown open against wiper arm. No other noteworthy damage. Were well maintained before parking. Base has 240,000 miles. Before parking, I overhauled struts including all new GM rubber and replaced timing chain and freshened motor. GT is around 150,000 miles with no problems at the time except I had a few coil failures. When I ran out, I never got more and that’s where they are now.

I haven’t inventoried parts before posting this. Parts include pair of new complete strut assemblies, new GM fuel / brake line assembly that is all lines from front to back of car, new GM muffler / tailpipe assembly with single outlet (coupe style) and a bunch of miscellaneous parts like tail lights and what-not. I also have most, if not all years of Corsica/Beretta factory service manuals, however I want to keep the 1991 for sentimentality. It’s the roughest condition one anyway. I also plan to keep the aftermarket radios. Original wiring was not butchered in any way to install. I used adapters. Could be negotiable.

I also have a black 89 GTU trunk lid with wing. I might still have the GTU wheels but the finishes were rough. I also have the original base steel wheels and a set of Cavalier steel wheels I used for winter tires.

GT has Curt trailer hitch and wiring was not hacked to add the connector. I used junkyard wiring parts to make the electric completely plug-in. My trailer is a little Coleman Versa-Trailer which means I did not tow anything heavy enough to hurt the Beretta.

Thank you to the forum and site creators. This was an awesome resource when I was driving the Berettas. The driveway is too full and something has to go. I hope someone wants to bring these back to life or part out better than just taking to a yard.

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