1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy - Teal - Excellent Condition

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1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy - Teal - Excellent Condition

Postby Styluss » Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:22 pm


$2300 with numerous extras.

This is a 1990 Chevy Beretta Indy Edition. The Indy edition Berettas were only made in 1990 to recognize the fact that the Beretta was the pace car for the 74th Indy 500. Only 5500 of these cars were made in this color. The car has a 3.1L V-6 engine with only 126,000 miles on it. Although that may seem a bit high, that is over 133,000 miles less than the national average for a car this age! The 3-speed automatic transmission shifts great. The engine and transmission are very strong. The car is surprisingly quick for its age. This motor is regarded as one of Chevy's strongest, most reliable engines. The Indy also has an upgraded suspension package. This car corners very well and is a blast to drive! The car is also great on gas mileage. I have been getting an average of 24 MPG and more in mixed driving scenarios. The car is near 30 MPG on the highway. The heat blows hot and the AC blows cold.

The interior of this car is in like new condition. The interior color is gray. This is a non-smoker owned automobile. There are no rips or tears in any of the seats. Both of the front seats are the high end Chevy Beretta seats featuring deep, contoured side supports. The driver's seat has an inflatable lumbar support and both of the front seats have adjustable head rests. The rear seat has a 60/40 split fold down and a fold down arm rest as well. All four of the seats have the word "Indy" stitched into the headrests and teal colored highlights that match the exterior paint. The door panels feature a very smooth felt inlay as opposed to the typical carpet inlays. The floor carpet is very clean as well. The dashboard is wapring slightly, but nothing major considering it is a 19 year old car. This car has the digital dash option. A wonderful extra installed at the factory. Also included is a Jensen 6-disk changer mounted in the trunk. The disk changer has a gray carpeted cover to match the car's interior. There is a wired remote for the disk changer that is velcro'd to the center console for ease of use. All buttons, switches, seat adjustments, etc. work perfectly. The interior has recently been cleaned very thoroughly. The interior to this car truly is a must see to appreciate its quality and condition.

The exterior is just as nice. The exterior color is officially referred to as Turquoise Metallic but is more commonly known as teal. There are a few chips in the paint on the hood and on the roof. All of the body panels are factory original and have no dents or damage to speak of. There is one small ding and scratch in the paint right below the driver's window. The factory body kit is complete and has no cracks or damage. The front lip of the body kit is a highly saught after item on these cars and is very hard to find in this good of a condition. The paint on the body kit and spoiler is slightly faded but still has a nice teal color to it. The side mirrors and front grill are color matched to the car for a very clean look. The car has a flip up sun roof which is completely removeable and stores in a clip in storage bag in the trunk of the car. This is a rarely seen dealer installed option. The sun roof is completely leak free and works like new. The windshield has no cracks or chips at all! All 4 of the wheels have little to no curb rash and are also highlighted teal to match the car's paint. The large side decals identify this car as an official Indy 500 pace car. The engine bay has been degreased and cleaned as well.

I have a clean title in hand and the car is totally ready for sale. Mechanically, this car is solid. It just passed emission with flying colors in June. The oil was just changed and the engine and tranny have had a good once over inspection and cleaning. The transmission shifts just fine and the engine runs strong. This car has plenty of pep and lots of pull on the mountain passes. This would make a great car for a first time driver or an excellent second car for a current car owner. With a little TLC cosmetically, this will be one sharp, solid running automobile. It is very tough to let this car go but my financial situation deems it necessary. This car will make a wonderful first car for a recent graduate or an excellent addition to any current car owners garage.

The car may need a few new fuel injectors as it occasionally stumbles upon acceleration and has a slightly rough idle at times.

Here is all of the nitty gritty on the factory options and extras:

Factory Specifications:
- 1990 Chevy Beretta Indy Edition
- 3.1L Multiport fuel injection V-6 engine, 126,000 miles
- 3-Speed transmission
- VIN: 1G1LW14TXLY208259

Factory Installed Options:
- Digital dash:
* Odometer
* Trip odometer
* Tachometer
* Outside temperature
* MPG; average and instant calculations
* Tells you how much father you can dive on what gas you have left!
* Ability to switch from English to Metric
- Overhead console with map lights
- Air conditioning (blows cold)
- Rear defrost
- Power windows
- Power locks
- Power steering
- Tilt steering
- Cruise control
- Interior trunk release switch
- Trunk light
- 60/40 split fold down rear seats
- Indy body kit
- Larger Indy side mirrors
- Upgraded Indy suspension

Extras and upgrades:
- Leather wrapped shift knob
- K&N filter installed
- New tires
- New spark plugs and wires
- New battery
- Clean engine bay

Below is a list of items I can either sell to you with the car, or install myself. These items will come with an extra cost added onto the purchase price. This extra cost will be determined by what the buyer chooses to purchase or have installed on the car. These upgrades will be sold at a very low price as a package deal with the car.

Optional extras/upgrades (additional costs):
- Custom cold air intake (new)
- Roller rockers (I cannot install)
- Strut bar
- Lower sub frame brace
- Le bra hood cover
- Tinted tail lights
- Tinted side markers / 3rd brake light
- Upgraded speakers front and rear
- Amplifier for rear speakers (I cannot install)

I am also a certified 3M Clear Bra Installer. I can apply 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection film to the car's hood, fenders, side mirrors and more to help protect the paint from Colorado's harsh winters and rock covered roads. I also have a few extras I will include with the car; A set of the large Indy 500 side decals, a windshield banner "Beretta" decal, a collectors book of Indy 500 Pace Cars that highlights the Indy Beretta Pace Car, another book of American automobiles which features the Indy Beretta Pace Car, a custom made Indy Beretta T-shirt and I even have the original dealership window sticker!

I have numerous photos of the inteiror and exterior of the car online.
The photos can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ancientart ... 622550208/
The photos can be viewed as a slideshow here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ancientart ... 0208/show/

Please feel free to contact me, Ryan, at: 303-669-0698 or at Stylusskid@msn.com with any questions or for more specific pictures.

I would be willing to help deliver the car up to a few undred miles for the cost of gas.

For those who want to know, I think I am going to keep the Red GTU and fix it up. I hate these friggin' decisions...
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Re: 1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy - Teal - Excellent Condition

Postby Asylum » Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:27 pm

Links don't work but I AM interested. I think a 3500, 13 second, stock looking Indy would be the cat's arse, and I do need a new platform to replace my '92 GT which I have decided is just "That" too far gone to fix.

But you would be on the hook for dinner with Jene and us! NO DRIVE-THRU'S

Maybe I'm just pissed that I had to stay home this weekend and NEED a road trip!

But I am serious, I think.

This thing is ? 95% NO-RUST??

Talk to me Ryan. I need a another rust free Beretta, I really think this would be a neat project and I would keep it 100% visually correct.



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Re: 1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy - Teal - Excellent Condition

Postby 90INDYLIN » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:24 pm

I'll have to admit it's a nice looking INDY, too bad you've got to sell her...

90 INDY, '10 SS, 96 C4 CE (86,600 mi. on the Indy, 2nd at super chevy show, 02, 03,1st in 01, 04, 05, 06, 07,08 !! sadly sold)

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Re: 1990 Chevrolet Beretta Indy - Teal - Excellent Condition

Postby Asylum » Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:36 pm

Great car and worth very dime, but not what I am looking for.

Someone buy this and enjoy a great Indy!

That price is a DEAL!



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"Where we're not happy 'til YOU'RE not happy!

'91 California Quad (Gone with just a bit of "Seller's Remorse".)
'92 3500 GT gone and not really missed. It was fun. Documented 13.47 N/A.

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