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Beretta Fest 2015 Location VOTING CLOSED!

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Location voting is now CLOSED… You can review the raw vote results online now.  Formal weighted results will be posted once the voters are combed through to ensure you all voted in the proper polls.

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July 2014 COTM

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G.W. Bancroft DUBS 3.1L/3-Speed Auto

This is the story of DUBS!

I purchased this beauty on EBay on 9-4-05 and got it with around 124K miles out of Omaha, Nebraska. The road trip from Denver, Co with my good friend Eddie to go pick it up was the begging of my Adventure with DUBS. Eddie was the one that came up with the name and it just stuck.

Mods Include:

Exterior: Custom Red and Black 2-Tone Paint Molded GTZ Body Kit  17 x7.5 Motegi MR7 Wheels 215/45ZR17 Toyo Proxes T1-S Tires

Engine / Performance: 3.1L MFI / TH-125 Custom Fabbed Warm Air Intake with K&N Cone Filter Magniflow high-flow Cat and Muffler 2.24″ Pipe Optima Red Top Battery Red Powder Coated Accents Steel Braided Hose Accents Red Wire Loom Accents

Suspension: Sprint Technologies Lowering Springs (3.5″) KYB GR2 Struts and Gas Adjust Shocks 92-94 Cavalier Z-24 Strut Tower Bar (powdercoated red) Lower Subframe Brace (powdercoated red) FE7 Rear Sway Bar (powdercoated red)

Interior: GTZ Seat Upgrade White Painted Accents that were later removed for factory black to better match the black carpet i obtained.

ICE:  Pioneer DEH-3200UB Head Unit Clarion SEP5410 4X6 Front Speakers with MTX Crossovers Pioneer TS-A6969 6×9 Rear Speakers 15″ Kicker Competition and 2 Rockford Fosgate 8″ Subs In A Sealed And Split Box Kenwood KAC-8104D 1000 Watt Amp

Best 1/4 Mile Time: 18.301 @ 73.09mph weighing in at 3095 lbs. It aways was more show then go.

Car Show Awards Won: ’06 Advance Auto Parts All American Car Show 2nd In Class ’06 Super Chevy Show Best In Class & Workmat Sponsor Award ’08 Summer Chevy Show Best In Class ’11 Loveland All American Car Show Runner Up In Class ’11 Super Chevy Show Best In Class ’13 BerettaFest Denver, Co Best Custom Exterior

Unfortunately this story has an ending as I decided to sell DUBS on 4-22-14 with just over 138k miles to a young guy who took it to Laramie, Wy. Reason for the sale was because it was developing rust and I couldn’t bare to see it rot away in my possession and wanted someone to get a few mor good years of use and enjoyment out of it. I did keep most all of the good stuff off of the car to use on future projects. Currently I have a ’93 GT 5 speed and a ’91 GTZ that I’m slowly building. Not sure if either will ever live up to the standards that DUBS once was, but time will only tell.


Beretta Fest 2015 Location Proposals!

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Check out our 4 Proposals for the BerettaFest 2015 location.  Make your choice, Voting polls will be opened up on the forum on July 28th.  Register to be able to vote if your not a member!

Beretta Fest 2015 Mississippi Gulf Coast

Beretta Fest 2015 Des Moines Iowa

Beretta Fest 2015 St Louis Missouri

Beretta Fest 2015 Watkins Glen NY

June 2014 COTM

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Brad aka “Godlike” 1990 GTZ 5-speed Quad 4

I bought my GTZ in 2002 before I knew anyone on this forum and went to work on it right away. The license plates were in reference to a KMFDM (techno industrial group) album cover which at the time I was considering painting on the hood. That’s when I dubbed it Project Godlike.

Working at a body shop at the time the first thing I did was repaint it jet black. The guy who sold me the car was a friend who sprayed some nice ghost flames on his S10. I told him I was interested in trying something similar and he called me one day out of the blue and said lets draw em out. I had the front end wet sanded when he got there and the next morning I drove it to work covered in masking tape and wrapping paper (that’s all I had to cover it) and misted on 2 coats of harlequin chrome illusion and buried it in 4 coats of clear. This was always the outstanding feature of the car. It seems to turn a lot of heads and gets compliments from people who normally would show no interest in a FWD GM car.

Since it only comes out of hiding a few times per year there have been several rumors floating around my home town. Someone was describing the “Godlike GTZ” to one of my best friends in a bar one night, evidently its a 10 second car with close to 400hp! That’s not what my dyno sheet says… There was also some guy with a turbo Integra GSR who was looking for me wanting to line up for a few years. I still don’t know who he is.

I drove the car to Bfest Milwaukee where I met a lot of you for the first time. It went down the drag strip with a dry 50 shot and got me home but the Original Quad was running on borrowed time. A few months later I drove it to a friends shop with a white jet stream of coolant rolling off the back fin. We pulled the motor and took it to Kelly Moss Motorsports in Madison where they tore it down and found a bad head gasket, cracked head and cracked block. Other than that it was fine. But I was ready for the bad news and had money to burn so we basically started from the ground up. Although I didn’t build it myself it was still a grulling process of sourcing parts and relaying measurements back and forth. Mantapart failed to insure an $1800 prepaid order and the flunkies at UPS lost them. And finally with a week to go till Bfest Columbus I frantically put the car back together hoping to have enough time to break it in and when I fired it up for the first time there was no oil pressure! Missing windage tray bolt. common mistake on these… But I didn’t figure it out in time and gave up and bought my Z26 to take to Bfest. The GTZ was basically down for 3 years.

Since then Ive put about 15k/mi on the built Quad including a bunch of autocross runs and quarter mile passes, 3 trips to Bfest and Nitrofest. Its best 1320′ pass was a 13.3 @ 104 with no tuning whatsoever.
This car is not at the top of my project list right now but future plans are to switch to a higher quality damper system, make some interior changes, setup an engine management system and go faster!

GTZ build list

92 GRANDAM low output long block
-new oil pump, water pump, crank/ rod brgs, all new gaskets.
-decked and bored .020 over
-balanced knife edged crank
-Eagle H beam shot peened rods
-Wiseco forged pistons -ceramic coated and teflon sleeved by Polydyne
-Felpro head gasket

90′ 086 head
-Port matched and polished both sides
-3 angle valve grind
-new H.O. springs
-W41 cams

-MSD blaster coil
-Taylor 8mm wires
-Denzo iridium spark plugs
-RC peformance 320cc injectors
-Wepon R CAI
-A/C delete -27#
-Unorthodox crank pulley
-A/C delete pulley
-Fidanza flywheel
-Spec stage III clutch
-Holly Powershot wet nitrous kit

-wicked-irocz Ported H.O. exhaust manifold
-2.5″ stainless mandrel downpipe
-Borla XR-1 Bullet oval track muffler
-2.5″ mandrel aluminized cat back
-Borla XS straight through muffler
-Borla angled dual hex afterburner tip

3.61 to getrag 3.94 swap
-Jbody front trans mount added

-92+ L body front brake conversion
-BFGoodrich steel braided brake lines
-Wilwood brake fluid
-Hawk Hp pads
-Powerslot cryotreated rotors

-Custom rear shocktower brace
-Factory FE7 active front sway bar w/ poly
-Factory Z51 strut tower brace
-Custom strut tower to rad support braces
-Kyb Gr2s / Koni yellows soon
-3 sets of wheels
-Factory GTZ 16x7s /kumho ASXs
-Katana C5 17x7s /Nankang Ns1s
-Olds Acheva magnesium 14x7s /20″ Mickey Thompson Drag slicks

92+ head lights with TSX projector retrofit
Clear markers and parking lights
Factory Z04 aero package
Black interior conversion
Tenzo R front seats
custom upholstered rear bench
92+ center counsil
Moroso switch panel for bottle purge-arm-opener-heater
Halon Exstiguisher
Alpine Head unit, 6x9s, 4x6s, 360w amp
Blacked out tails PPG tinted automotive clear

May 2014 COTM

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Carl & Linda Little 1988 GTU, 2.8L 3speed Auto

We bought it from the original owners in the Traverse City. It had never been exposed to salt, no rust at all. We have owned it since May of 07. Never seen snow with us either. First berettafest we went to was Niagra Falls. That year Linda won Garage Queen and Best of Berettafest. The car has been to every one since then, except Denver. Auto, 2.8 Less than 50k miles.   This GTU is the second we have owned, the other was an 89, plus we had a 90 GTZ.