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How To Clean your Throtle Body

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The car in this article is an 88 with a V6.   Other years will be similar but
as always consult a factory Service manual or chiltons type manual.
The information here may not provide all the information you need and
always read the directions of the cleaner you purchase.  Sorry for the
fuzzy photos.  I have the steady hands of a surgeon, lol!

1. Start by disconnecting and removing the battery.

2. Unbolt the air filter housing from the battery tray.

3. Loosen the clamp that holds the intake hose to the
throttle body.  Move it out of the way for cleaning.

4.  Purchase a QUALITY throttle body cleaner,
I use a 3M product that is formulated for
cleaning throttle bodys.  It cleans good plus
it will work inverted.

5.  Unplug the IAC valve and using a torx bit
remove the two screws that hold it in.

6.  Place a rag under the throttle body to
catch the cleaning fluid and gunk that
comes out as you clean it.

7.  Pay careful attention and clean both
sides of the throttle blade, also be
sure to clean out the IAC air
passage.  My IAC had some carbon
buildup on the pintle so I made sure to
clean the tip.  As you spray try and avoid
getting cleaner in the Throttle Position
Sensor.  Make sure everything is clean
and dry and reassemble everything in
reverse order.

This is a easy routine maintenance procedure you can
do yourself.  The benefits of cleaning your throttle body
are a smoother idle.

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