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Berettafest 2020 Registration

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Postponed to 2021

Due to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with concern of the health and safety of our attending members, it is with a heavy heart that we are informing the community that BerettaFest 2020 will be postponed until 2021. We will keep the same event location and itinerary for 2021 as was planned for this year (Rapid City, SD). The event dates for next year will be June 23rd-27th, 2021.

As an event that brings people close together, the BerettaFest Committee just couldn’t figure out how to ensure the viability of the event and safety to its patrons. The Committee explored all options, including cancelling some of the events to save on costs. Several venues cancelled our reservations, and we were informed that the state parks would be closed until mid-July. In the end, it was decided that removing some of the defining events from the itinerary would take too much away from what makes BerettaFest, BerettaFest.

Refunds will be issued to all individuals that have already paid for registration.

The yearly calendar will still be going on, so use this time to get your creative spirit in gear and get some amazing shots ready to submit!

Now let’s take the extra time to make sure your Beretta’s are ready for next year, so we can come back with a bang in 2021!

July 2020 COTM

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Stacy Lyston’s 1996 Z26

It’s hard to miss this 3400-swapped Beretta Z26 in that pretty Raspberry Metallic with color-matched and refinished GTU wheels! This beautiful ride is named ‘Pinky’ and it belonged to Stacy up until March of this year. Fear not, however, as it’s still in the community and being taken care of! And as additional good news, Stacy now has another Beretta in just as vibrant of a color (maybe more); a yellow Indy!

Here’s a couple more photos from Berettafest 2019:

June 2020 COTM

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Eric Wood’s 1991 “SS”

Here’s some more from Eric about his super sexy, surprisingly swift, and scintillatingly satisfying Beretta “SS”:

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May 2020 COTM

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Tyler Pitman’s 1987 FERETTA (It’s pretty cool, I guess…)

Read more about Tyler’s Feretta

April 2020 COTM

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Tyler Thomas’ 1995 Supercharged 3450 Automatic Beast

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March 2020 COTM

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Nicholas Jensen’s Beretta Hat Trick

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