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1. Was there ever an Indy convertible offered for sale to the public? 

No, in fact the idea was scraped but a few models are still remaining.Three were made for pacing the race at Indy, and GM still has two locked away in a warehouse somewhere, while the third is owned by the Indy museum, home on the Indy 500.

2. Will the Tornado System add any horsepower? 

It will add nothing.. it actually can block some air getting into the engine.

3. What size speakers was the Beretta equipped with? 

The years 87 through 90 had 4T in the dash, and 91 through 96 had 4×6’s in the kick panels. They all had 6×9 rear speakers.

4. What are the stock tire sizes for the Beretta? 

14″ rims: 195/70/14 and 185/75/14
15″ rims: 205/60/15
16″ rims: 205/55/16

5. Where can I get a “Beretta” windshield banner or other Chevrolet decals? 

Most likely any local decal shop will have, or be able to make you some decals.. for smaller ones try your local Chevy dealership, or a racing store. The part numbers for the windshield decals can be found on our Part Numbers FAQ page.
Reproduction windshield banners can also be picked up by donating to the club.  They can be found at

6. Give me some information on the Beretta’s stock sway bars!

92 – GTZ front sway bar was “direct acting” 18mm
92 – V6 Beretta got 26mm stabilizer bar up front w/ 16.5mm rear sway bar
92 – GT got 30mm front stabilizer bar and 19.5 mm rear sway bar
93 – GT got 30mm front and 16.5mm rear bar
93 – GTZ got 18mm front and 19.55 rear
94 – Z26 got 28mm front sway bar and 16.5mm rear bar
94 – Z26 got optional sport suspension FE3 (30mm front and 19mm rear)
95 – same as 94

7. What is the process for reading my car’s ECM codes, and what do they mean? 

OBDI Codes


8. Why was the Beretta cancelled?

Well it was a number of factors that included price (in ’96 a Z26 was more expensive then a V8 Camaro base was) the Name “Beretta” which is owned by the Italian Gun Co., the fact that it was too expesive to redesign it for the 1997 side impact laws that the Government put in place. Now you know why everyone’s favorite car was canceled!

9. How can I fix the common wet carpet issue?

Tired of swimming and driving at the same time? Click here.

10. What is a TCC switch, and what does it do?

Get the feeling that your automatic switched to a manual without giving you a clutch?

11. Where can I find out about recalls?

NHTSA – They also have crash tests and other fun stuff
ALLDATA – Recalls/Service Bulletins

12. What can you tell me about the Z51 rear sway bar?

The Z51 is 22mm and Addco makes a 1″ (25.4 mm) rear bar that will bolt right up to pre 95 rear axles and it is only $95 from JC Whitney (part number 55PD0892U). Or get a Z51 sway bar with all the mounts from the local salvage yard.

13. How to replace a heater core on a Beretta/Corsica.

Walkthrough can be found here on Forum

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