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Adding A Strut Tower Brace

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This is a very easy mod that you can do to your Beretta. What the strut tower brace does is improve the stiffness in the front of the car. Some benefits are improved handling and steering feel. Special thanks to list member Aaron Choate for the pictures.

First go to a GM dealer and pick up the strut tower brace for a Cavalier. The part number is #22576687. Trust us it fits!

Step One Remove the firewall covers if your car is equipped with them. If you want to retain the factory look the covers can be cut to clear the brace. Also it may be necessary to move the wire harness that runs by the blower motor Figure 1

Step Two Remove the two nuts on each strut tower. (They are the rearmost on the strut tower) Figure 2

Step Three Install the brace between the two towers as pictured. Figure 3

Step Four Reinstall the strut nuts and torque them to 18 FT LBS (as listed in the 88 “L” Body service manual) with a torque wrench. If a torque wrench is unavailable make sure that they are good and snug. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THEM! (The studs can break off!)

Step Five Finished bar should look like installation. Figure 4

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

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