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FAQ Part Numbers

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1. What is the part number for the GTZ/Z26 solid front grill?

  • Grill: 10115292
  • Bowtie Emblem: 10103249


2. What is the part number for the strut tower brace and the lower frame brace?

  • Strut Tower Brace: 22576687
  • Lower Frame Brace*: 22555480

*Please note that the GM lower frame brace will NOT FIT a 3100 with a 4T60-E Automatic Transmission.


3. What is the part number for the K&N drop-in replacement air filter?

  •  K&N Air Filer*: 33-2037

*Please note that is for the 2.8/3.1 engines.


4. What is the part number for the 180 degree thermostat (2.8/3.1)?

  • STANT Thermostat: 65348
  • FEL-PRO Gasket: 35402
  • The ’97 cavalier 2.4 STANT Thermostat also works: 14024

Additional information:
Don’t forget to buy the gasket! Going from a 195 degrees to a 180 degrees is ok, don’t know how you feel about having it installed in the winter, but DO NOT go with a 160 degree thermostat unless you are getting a chip installed with it. The computer reaches closed loop at 175 degrees, and with a 160 degree thermostat it never reaches closed loop and runs richer which is bad for engine life and gas mileage.


5. What are the part numbers for the GM “Beretta” windshield decals? 

  • 12340235 (silver Beretta style writing)
  • 12340236 (Gold Beretta style writing)
  • 12342795 (red splash writing)
  • 12342796 (green splash writing)
  • 12347297 (silver splash writing)


6. What is the part number for the distributor o-ring?

  • Distributor O-Ring*: 10477565

*It could very well also be the same part for the 3100/3400, but that is unknown at this time. This part number is not mentioned in the GM parts catalog.

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