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1. Will the GTZ/Z26 grille fit on my non-Z Beretta?

Yes it will, but on Beretta’s without the GTZ/Z26 bumper, you will need to cut the lip of the bumper off for it to fit. Also the PN for the grille is: 10115292 and the emblem PN is: 10103249


2. Will GTZ/Z26 ground effects fit on my non-Z Beretta? 

Yes they will, but you need all mounting hardware, clips, screws, etc. Your going to have to actively search for these at junkyards or online, due to the depletion of GM’s stock.


3. Where can I get ground effects?

Anywhere really. The salvage yards will hold GTZ/Z26 ground effects, along with GTU. There are companies out there that offer different styles for our cars! Check out these links:
*Beretta-Net has no affiliation with these companies*


4. Will GTZ, Z26, or GTU wheels fit on my Beretta?

Yes they will, along with any other rims that have a 5×100 bolt pattern, and 42mm offset such as:
GM cars: Cavalier, Grand AM, Corsica, Fiero, Skylark, SkyHawk, Sunfire, Achieva, Calais, Sunbird.
Chrysler Cars: Cirrus, Stratus, Breeze, Dynasty, New Yorker ’93, Le Baron, TC, Spirit, Acclaim, Sundance, Shadow, Laser to ’88, Neon 5-lug, Caravan/Voyager ’86-’95, Caravan/Voyager 4cyl ’96 on, Sebring Convertible*
Volkswagen Cars: Corrado SLC*, GTI VR6*, Passat GLX*, Golf III VR6*
* These wheels will bolt up, offset may not be correct


5. Will a shift handle from another automatic GM car fit on my Beretta?

Yes, console shift handles from GM are interchangeable, with the exceptions of the early 87 and 88 models, you can only change them to one that attaches from under the button (have to pull off the button to remove it) they don’t the staple clips that can just pull off.. but they can be easily changed to the new kind.


6. Where can I get Eibach springs for my Beretta, and how do they affect the ride feel?

You can try eBay, RD Enterprises @ 1-800-683-2890, or Mantapart @ Here is some information about ride height and feel.


7. Do the 91+ door panels match up with the 87-90 dashboard?

No you cannot. The new door panels stick out more were the dash and poor panel would meet, and when the door shuts, would trash both dash and door panel. Although the 91+ dash will work with the old style door panels.

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