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December 2018 COTM

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Musician – Autumn Choate’s 1993 GT 3.1L 5 Speed

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November 2018 COTM

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Whiteretta – Patrick Mumford’s 1994 Base 3500

BerettaFest 2019 Bowling Green, KY June 26th-30th 2019

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Welcome to Bowling Green, Kentucky! Planes and trains… Cars and guitars… Caves and waves… Rails and trails… Thrills and chills… Charm and farms… We could keep going for days, and that’s just what it would take to see and do everything in the Bowling Green area. As the Home of the Corvette, Bowling Green sure loves fast cars, but the city offers so much more that we think you will be surprised by how much is happening here. Bowling Green is geared for couples, families, and groups with this many options. BerettaFest 2019 is destined for greatness in this classic American destination…

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October 2018 COTM

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Ne14abtee9 – Christopher Molinaro’s 1990 Indy

September 2018 COTM

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Styluss – Ryan Haenny’s 1989 GTU

This is my 1989 Chevrolet Beretta GTU. This car was a dream of mine six or seven years in the making. I decided back then that I wanted a factory black GTU with tan interior, an option from the dealer but to the best of my knowledge never actually seen by any of the group members. I bought a car to be used as my rally car many years ago and it just so happened to have tan interior! Most of it was very usable and in great condition so it all got pulled and tucked away waiting for the day I found my black GTU. Well two years ago now this one popped up in the community and thankfully I had the money to go and get it. I flew into Ohio and the prior owner came to get me in the car from my hotel the next day. He took me to the BMV to handle the paperwork and while we were inside his wife came to pick him up. BOOM! I was the proud owner of this beauty and started my drive back to Colorado.

When I acquired her she only had a mere 69,000 miles under her belt. After almost three years of ownership, driving her home from Ohip and back and forth to two BerettaFests she has about 88,000 now. She sits in the garage and is definitely just the Sunday driver. In her time with me I have had some paint correction work done and have swapped in a nearly complete tan interior to replace the gray that was in it from the factory. I have a tan dash that is the final piece to go in the car and the interior will be 100% complete! She has come to be known as having a “peanut butter” interior and I’m running with it. I might even get new custom plates that say “PB&J”. Shh… no one knows but those of you that read this but she’s in the shop right now getting a very nice paint job, factory color of course as well as clear bra work and a ceramic coating! She’s going to be better than ever!

Ryan Haenny – Styluss – Denver, Colorado