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July 2019 COTM

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Stacy Lyston’s 1996 Z26

What you see before your eyes is a beautiful example of a 1996 Z26 owned by Stacy Lyston, lovingly known as “Pinky.” Don’t let that license plate fool you, as you are indeed looking at a beautiful pink Raspberry Metallic paint job, factory direct from GM into your retinas. Apart from the shiny paintwork, the astute eye may notice something peculiar about the set of GTU wheels adorning this Z26. They were refinished and color matched to the car, which, in this writer’s opinion, is a very nice touch that really sets this car apart. Other notable features include a 3400 swap (for ‘moar powah!’) and a new suspension including Intrax lowering springs for that clean stance.

This particular Z26 originally hails from New York, found by none other than our own Shane Bunce and procured mere weeks after Stacy found out at Berettafest 2017 that a Raspberry Beretta was produced. Given that pink is her absolute favorite color (further evidenced by her nickname of “Pinky”), she had to have the car. And although the car was purchased in New York–both Ron and Stacy will claim the car is succumbing to the dreaded rust–I must say that after spending some time under the car at Berettafest 2019 (assisting with a fuel pump replacement), this little beast is surprisingly lacking in the rust category. Perhaps I just naturally find that the rust that is there is just very tame for what I’m used to seeing in Wisconsin.

In talking to Ron and Stacy about this car, it sounds as though the ultimate plan is to move all of the good parts to a clean and rust-free Raspberry shell. Until that day comes, expect to see this Z and her awesome and sometimes #seekritive owners cruising on into future Berettafests!

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